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Au-49b Skin Tightening Face Lifting Mesotherapy Beauty Instrument

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Modelo:  Au-49B

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Modelo NO .: Au-49B Teoría: RF (Radiofrecuencia) Portátil: Portátil Condiciones de pago: T / T, Western Union Paquete de transporte: Cartón de exportación y almohadilla de espuma Origen: China Tipo: Aplicación de máquina adelgazante: Dispositivos médicos domésticos Ad. N.º de aprobación: Marca Ce: Auro Especificación: 46 * 36 * 18 cm Código HS: 8543709990 \ nDescripción del producto
1.Work Theory
It uses Electroporation and Electroosmosis techniques, (needle-free mesotherapy or mesoderm or cell rupture) technique,without any injectors, easily opens the aquaporin(AQP), transports skin wanted nutrition, so as to treat all kinds of skin problems. With the application of Electrophoresis energy to the beauty industry, It takes 'point to point' infiltration techniques, by orientation, layer-oriented and ration to transport high-energy nutrition serum directly into the skin tissue, let it quickly being absorbed and effective, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elastic and fine.
\ n \ n \ n
1. innovative technology: Use of advanced electroporation and electroosmosis technique.
2. high absorption rate: nutrition can directly arrived deep-seat cell, the absorption rate arrived 99%.
3. no pain no side effects: The treatment process is completely painless, does not change the mechanism of the skin, the matched care products is natural active substances.
4. more treatment position, and more treatment options: the face, neck, chest, waist, hips, legs can be treated; supporting of many effective products for treating different skin problem: such as skin whitening, wrinkles removal , skin tightening, weight loss products etc.
 3.. Treatment principle 
No-needle therapy device is a high-tech products. It takes electrophoresis electroporation and electroosmosis. Directional, layer-oriented, quantificational supply nutrition and active ingredient to the deep-seated cells. Promote skin metabolism, and accelerate lymph, blood circulation. To decrease wrinkles, whiten skin and keep skin moisture, reduce cellulite, achieve quicken fat dissolving and weight loss effective.
1).Face lifting probe:
Face Lift Rod: instantly eliminate fatigue staying up pouch; smooth wrinkles, crow's
feet; firming sagging cheeks instantly eliminate double chin, big bags, baby fat
2). Eyes care probe:
Main functions are: training and tightening the eye muscles, and enhance the
flexibility of the eye muscles, so that the end of eye pattern loss, tighten the eye Bags, relieve eye fatigue,
so lighten dark circles. Regulation of cell, increase blood circulation, promote skin
Metabolism and lipolysis, the permeability of the skin to achieve...
3).RF probe:
After the nutrition being injected into the skin, to make it better absorption, then use
the ultrasonic heads to activate it, prevent the circumstance pollution, renew the skin
pathological changes, so get the better treatment.
Major role in the molecular substances to be dispersed, while facilitating the
penetration into the skin and internal properties of the same charge repel each other,
therefore, the positive electrode by applying a positive current nutritional elements,
nutritional elements can be pushed into the skin, this time, the neutral molecules
penetrate into the skin and the internal one.
4).Nutrition injection probe:
Directly on the skin, under the action of the shock, the lipid double layer of delicate
shock hole is formed(Due to electric shock resulting hole). While the hole is formed
in the shock, so that the former can not be absorbed by the new water of fineChild is
able to penetrate and enter the fine interior, shock hole once formed, in accordance
with the length of the shock, in a few seconds to a few Minutes remain open.
By orientation, layer-oriented, ration, directly inject many kinds of nutrition into
deep-seated cells, assist to melody the muscale, lymph drainage, promote metabolism,
lymph and blood circulation, comparing it with the single skin care products,
effectively absorb products higher 2000 times, so get the best beauty effect at one-step.
5).Cooling probe:
After the skin care products being injected into the skin, to avoid the nutrition
releasing, can use the hammer to freeze the skin, consolidate the nutrition in the skin well.
With the outside temperature alternating hot and cold, the essence and efficacy of the
product in order to maximize the rapid penetration of nutrients to reach the grass roots
and dermis skin layer, decompose melanin, while supplying large amounts of water
and nutrients, improve the elasticity of collagen fibers with alternating hot and cold
temperature of the physical effect, to ice treatment water, the depth lock water, ice
treatment allergy, remove redness, enhance immunity, ice treatment catalysis, high
absorption, ice treatment oil, tight skin.

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